Bitumen 60/70 is the most popular bitumen grade for road construction and other industrial purposes. Below is the product’s specification table which will be documented and certified by SGS or any third party inspection company the client wishes:
BLOWN BITUMEN 60/70SpecificationTest Method
Specific gravity   @ 25/25° C1.01~1.06D~70
Penetration   @ 25° C60/70D~5
Softening point ° C49/56D~36
Ductility   @ 25° C100 minD~113
Loss on Heating   (wt) %0.2 maxD~6
Drop in Penetration after Heating %20 maxD~6 & D~5
Flash point ° C250 minD~92
Solubility in Cs2   (wt) %99.5 minD~4
Spot TestNegative٭A.A.S.H.O.T.102

The Delivery can be done in all terms like: FOB, CFR and CIF 

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