Concentrate Colloidal Oil Dispersant & Degreaser

We have one company in Australia  that produce cleaner & degreaser and look for a sole agent to help us in distributing and packing in Malaysia and around. This product disperse and removes all types of oil spill , grease, and its hydrocarbons derivate pollution, offshore and onshore, restoring teated surface back to original condition. Non hazardous, nonflammable, non toxic since water is its main components; hence does not require special safety precautions and protection gear during its application. It accelerates bio-degradation of pollution and contaminants and does not harm aquatic organism for its environmental companion. Formulated using palm oil , coconut and herbal extracts as surfactants (active cleaning ingredients).


  • Effective in heat,pressure and agitating
  • Usage with different concentrations
  • Contains no harmful gases volatiles
  • Contains no petroleum compounds
  • Doesn’t affect the natural bacteria
  • Safe, need no protective kits
  • Doesn’t burn and ignition
  • Remove unpleasant odors
  • Non-toxic non dangerous
  • Chlorinated solvents free
  • 100% full biodegradable
  • Don’t scratch surfaces
  • Fast cleaning result
  • Leaves no residue
  • Easy for storage
  • Deep cleaning
  • Safe Disposal

If you need more information about this products and company , please let us know. We have sample of products in Kuala Lumpur  that if you are interested to cooperate, I arrange to send the sample in your address and if you have questions, i would be pleased to answer through whats’ app to arrange a meeting in Kuala Lumpur.

Ahmad Masoomzadeh
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